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I put the needle on the record every week live from Great Britain with my 2 hour syndicated radio show which is on air worldwide.


This show is ideal for music aficionados of all ages and plays a mix of music from the 60s,70's,80s and 90s.


You can submit your vinyl record for possible airplay, it may be a new release or a blast from the past (unfortunately we can not return your vinyl) please contact me for the address.


You can tune in to the show every week on FM/AM, online and on Digital radio stations worldwide.

If you would like to air my show please contact me below with your station logo, time and day of broadcast and I'll be in touch.

Thank you to all the stations who are airing the show which is reaching new listeners day by day with great reviews.

Happy Listening!



On This Weeks Show

On this weeks exciting edition of Britain's Number One Vinyl Record Radio Show.

Listen for the Album Of The Week - Art Garfunkel - Break Away 1975 CBS Inc S 86002 PC 33700

The Oddity Of The Week, the clue is "This 1979 track also known as Crayfish is a classic dish but can you stomach it?".

Music this week from:

James Brown


The Beatles



Steely Dan

and many more...

If you would like a shout out or a request please feel free to drop me a message here:



TikTok search for philwilsonsvinylrevival

You can now ask Alexa on Amazon devices: "Alexa play Phil Wilson's Vinyl Revival"

Add the skill at:

Please check out the books I have written at: Tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends. I hope you enjoy the show Cheers Phil 'P-P-P-Pop' Wilson (Celebrating nearly 30 years of broadcasting) 

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