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The Big Record Hunt

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Hi Listeners,


If you're in the UK then the 'treasure' hunt is on.....if you're not, it's still a fantastic story!!


Somewhere, not too far from your radio studio, there is one or more hidden 12" vinyl of a very limited copy of The Amber Quill's record 'Chords and Candies'.


Michael Burdett (Pictured) has spent his life in music. Amongst his best-known compositions are the themes to BBC's Homes Under The Hammer and Masterchef.


He was the man who discovered George Michael after watching him and Andrew Ridgeley rehearse in a church hall and subsequently produced and funded their first-ever demos.


The Amber Quills  were formed in 1982 but because of Michael's crippling stage fright they never performed and their recordings were never mixed.


In 2020 a flood destroyed a storage unit where the master tapes of these sessions were kept, however, Michael was able to find a company that could dry and restore multi-track tapes and he was able to finish the tracks some 40 years after they had begun work on them.


Now, 1000 numbered 12″ vinyl singles of Chords and Candies are for sale on; prices vary by number of the edition. These vinyl versions feature two bonus special mixes [not available digitally]. Additionally, 78 extra copies of the 12″ single are hidden across the UK.


Many will be in charity shops. Each is marked “hidden copy”. Also, rare white label copies have been placed in four charity shops across the UK – that’s one in England, one in Scotland, one in Northern Ireland, and one in Wales. This means there will be 82 hidden singles in total to reflect the original year of recording, 1982.


People may come across a real bargain. In a charity shop. A free copy hidden in a hollow tree. Or in a phone box full of books.


Listen out for clues on Phil Wilson's Vinyl Revival every week, if you find a copy please email


The hunt is on! Good Luck.

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