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Vinyl Revival Restore to CD

If you are looking for a professional service I can transfer your record collection to CD, from LP or 7" Single.

£10 per Album, Double Album £17 to CD, 7" singles 1 £7 1-10 £25 to CD.

Based in South Shields drop off and pick up is easy, please call 0191 432 6105 and leave a message with your requirements so I can give you a quote together with your name and contact telephone number and I will get back to you or drop me a message on facebook to arrange drop off and collection time.

Fast turnaround, all music converted to the highest standard and cleaned before recording to restore your record to the nearest to it's former life, the solution used is mineral based with no alcohol used.

Open Monday, Saturday and Sunday 7am - 10am (Please give me a call in advance to arrange a time, other times can be arranged on request)

Copyright Law

We are able to digitally transfer your (original) vinyl record onto CD where this is no identical re-released recording on a CD format.

It is on my understanding the CD I create is for your own personal, private listening pleasure and will not be sold, leased, hired or used in any public broadcast.


You should retain the original vinyl recording as proof of ownership.

Vinyl Revival Restore hold no copyright over the material sent to us and cannot be held responsible for any infringements of this law governing the recordings sent to us for conversion.

Terms And Conditions


CD's are labeled with a marker, no artwork can be reproduced for copyright reasons.

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